The Great Cressingham Community Association, who manage Great Cressingham Village Hall, normally meet on a five weekly cycle at the Village Hall.  However, due to Covid-19 all face-to-face meetings are suspended until further notice.

Any member of the local community who wishes to attend as an observer is most welcome to do so. 

We are also keen to encourage more involvement of villagers from Great and Little Cressingham in supporting Village Hall events and would welcome individuals who would be interested in joining the committee or just helping with events.

Scheduled meetings:

 Next Village Hall Committee Meeting to be confirmed.

Meetings 2019/2020
Agendas Minutes
Agenda 7th Feb Minutes 7th Feb
Agenda 14th March Minutes 14th March
Agenda 18th April Minutes 18th April.
Agenda 30th May. Minutes 30 May
Agenda 4th July Minutes 4th July
Agenda 8th August Minutes 8th August
AGM Agenda 2019 AGM minutes 26th Sept
Agenda 26th Sept Minutes 26th Sept
Agenda 31st October Minutes 31st October
Agenda 5th December Minutes  5th December
Agenda 9th January 2020