The Great Cressingham Community Association, who manage Great Cressingham Village Hall, normally meet on a monthly cycle at the Village Hall.  

Any member of the local community who wishes to attend as an observer is most welcome to do so. 

We are also keen to encourage more involvement of villagers from Great and Little Cressingham in supporting Village Hall events and would welcome individuals who would be interested in joining the committee or just helping with events.

Scheduled meetings:

 Next Village Hall Committee Meeting 4th July 7pm.

Meetings 2021
Agendas Minutes
Agenda 26th July

Minutes 26th July

Agenda 23rd August

Minutes 23rd August

Agenda 4th October

Minutes 4th October

Agenda AGM 1st November

Minutes AGM  1st November

Agenda 1st November

Minutes 1st November

Agenda 6th December

Minutes 6th December

Meetings 2022

January meeting cancelled
Agenda 7th February

Minutes 7th February

Agenda 7th March

Minutes 7th March

Agenda 4th April

Minutes 4th April

Agenda 9th May

Minutes 9th May

Agenda 6th June

Minutes 6th June

Agenda 4th July